Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Running out of post title names

Hi All,

Seriously how does everyone name their posts every week? lol

Here is Izzy this week.(with some serious confetti work)

And Consumed

I also made these sleighs for the girls various teachers.

And finally my Minion fabric came in the post so I could make this

I followed  this youtube video if you are interested.
Cheers, Sharine


  1. I know exactly what you mean about the post titles....
    Love your sleighs = what a great idea for gifts! Your minion looks cute!
    Great progress on Izzy and Consumed!
    Hugs xx

  2. Love the minion ornament! And your stitching of course :). The sleds are adorable! I usually just name mine on whatever is in the post lol even if it's "oh look more paradise shocking" hmm I haven't used that one yet I may have to ;)

  3. Nice progress Sharine and those sleighs are awesome.


  4. Love the sleighs. What a good way of combining lots of chocolate and sweets into a fun present. And as for your minion bauble - fabulous! :)

  5. Lovely stitching as always, and adorable teacher gifts!
    Cute minion ornie:)

  6. Great stitching, chocolate sleighs (yum!) and fabric bauble!!!

  7. Oh, I love the WIPS..and those sleds...DARLING!

  8. Cute sleighs and I love you Minion. Izzy looks good even if you are dealing with confetti. For post titles - I normally post on Sunday so I just call it my Sunday Stitchy Update. :)

  9. Great stitching progress as usual. I love those Santa sleighs - what a brilliant idea! And the Minions ornie is super cute.

  10. Hmm that's deceptive as I wouldn't have thought that it would be so confetti intensive. But then again it is a HAED!! She looks beautiful, and Consumed is coming along well too. Love the sleighs - though they may need extra reindeers to pull them, they look a bit choco heavy. And I love anything Minion, you're ornament is no exception. Cute Christmas Minion
    xo Alicia