Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bye bye 2015(Wipocalpse #12)

Hi All,

Here is my crafty wrap up for this year :)

As ever my cross stitch is my crafty favourite thing to do. This year was a novelty as Igot to stitch in the daylight hours while Hannah was at kinder as well as stitch after the kidlets bedtime(and a bit after mine as well)
Consumed at the start of the year looked like this
 And looks like this
My goal was to finish the first row - I got about 5 stitches past the centre arrow of the chart so not to bad since she only get to come out to play for a couple of hours a week. Next years goal - the end of the row.

Next up Piper Tir N Org at the start

 And now
And no he has not faded but I think a new camera might be needed lol. My goal was to finish six pages on him and I did! Next years goal - another six pages.

And my favourite wip Princess Izzy started like this

And will see out 2015 like this
My goal for her was to have her finished  but I'm not complaining. Next year - Finish her off.

That was my stitchy year but I also enjoy other crafts as well. I also have a stall
at our local market once a month so am always doing something for that as well as taking custom orders for various things( a cockatiel inspired baby beanie being my fave) so here is  photo round up.

My favourite thing about having a blog is all the awesome people I have 'met' and the friendships that have happened. One of the most stunning I have met is The Crafty Princess aka Alicia who sent me this awesome Christmas present,

Finally thankyou to everyone who has read, followed, commented and shared this year with me. I still enjoy blogging and seeing everyone elses work. It is all really inspiring to me. I hope you all have a happy,heathy and stitchy 2016.
Cheers, Sharine


  1. What fantastic progress you made on these huge projects! Wishing you much success with your goals in 2016.
    Your hat model is gorgeous!

  2. SO much wonderful crafting over the year!
    I'm always impressed with how much you've gotten stitched with each update, but seeing where you started on each piece at the beginning of the year and where you ended up.....WOW!!!
    Happy New Year to you and your family:)

  3. Aww super sweet..everything is just do sweet..
    Your stitching ,crochet squares I love them
    Beautiful knitted caps ..wow
    I love your jewelry too.anazing
    Happy new year dear x

  4. Amazing progress on all your wips! Those beanies are super cute too. Wishing you the best of luck and a swift needle for 2016. :)

  5. What a wonderful crafty collection of things you've been working on this year:))) I'm amazed you've had any time to raise three children too lol:) Not far to go on Izzy now - that must be exciting:))

  6. What a productive year you've had! Happy New Year to you and yours, Sharine! :O)

  7. Wow - you've had a productive year with so many lovely things produced! Lots of great stitching progress on those HUGE projects too! Have a great 2016 ahead. :)

  8. You have worked wonders this past year, here to as much success for the New Year!

  9. Great presents and a great year! I didn't even reach the halfway mark on my goal lol next year will be our year to finish!

  10. Beautiful stitching and amazing progress on all of them Sharine. Love all of your other finishes. You do inspire me.

    Happy New Year,

  11. What wonderful progress you have made on you HaED ones this year. I look forward to seeing lots more progress in 2016. Happy New Year!

  12. You had a very busy 2015! Look forward to watching your pieces continue to grow in 2016. Happy New Years to you and your family.

  13. Very inspiring, wonderful progress on your HAEDs. The local market projects are very cute, love the doll clothes!

  14. A great crafty update. And so much progress on your huge stitching projects. I hope that 2016 will be another great stitching year for you.

  15. I love this post and not just because you said nice things about me LOL! I've watched your stitching progress throughout the year in blogland and fb and was always impressed at every wip but I didn't realise how much you've actually acheieved until now.

    I really should take a leaf out of your book and reduce my number of wips but we both know I will last 2 days. I hope the accessories come in handy and mind you the pins are called "Counting pins" so as to remove the hex of the need to use them for frogging.

    Have a fantastic 2016 in all endeavours crafty and non-crafty. Thank you too for your amazing and stunning friendship. Even your wise ass commentaries hah ha.

    xoxo Alicia