Friday, April 27, 2012

Faery Tales

Hi All,  Here is Faery Tales.
Still growing and now I have some blackbirds as well.
Charlotte got a little tummy bug last night which has resulted in our house having washing everywhere. And not to mention the drying that comes along with it. Fingers crossed Bella and Hannah don't end up with it as well.Oh well back to it... at least until the maid turns wait that's me...


  1. Faery Tales is looking fab! Hope Charlotte feels better soon, & fingers crossed it passes the rest of you by!!

  2. Faery Tales is just stunning! I love all the detail!

    I'm so sorry that Charlotte was ill. I hate when the kiddos are under the weather! Usually, if one gets sick, we all get's hoping that isn't the case for your family!!

  3. So pretty, this one always fascinates me, cos it's such a comples pattern

  4. Hi

    Hope Charlotte feels better soon.
    Faery tales is just stunning!

  5. Oh no, that's awful! Hope Charlotte feels better soon. When I was in the fourth grade and got the stomach flu the doctor told my mom to feed me "light-colored" things like bananas and rice. My mom asked him if it was something medically significant and he said no, it's just easier to wash out.

  6. Oh Sharine. I am so in love with this piece and so wish I could stitch it. Its looking awesome.


  7. I hope Charlotte feels better soon. Love your progress on Faery Tales, it is now calling me to buy it...