Monday, April 16, 2012

Izzy and Santa

Hi All, Still no computer so I 'm back on DH's. First up Princess Izzy.
And I started the backstitch on Santa
 Bella is back at school today and couldn't wait to go. It's a welcome relief from when she first started when she didn't want to go. So know I'm off to sort through their clothes starting with Hannah's. One of the benefits of all girls is the hand me downs. At least until their old enough to say 'I don't think so Mum!'


  1. Great stitching Sharine. I love the santa one. I still love Faery Tales, but as I said, I would never be able to stitch it. But, I'm very excited, I found a jigsaw puzzle and am getting that.


  2. Princess Izzy is going to look awsome! That Santa looks very nice too.

  3. Sharine, they both look wonderful (and it looks like Santa will be finished in no time). Love those greens in Izzy.

  4. Both looking great, hope the sorting went well

  5. Hi

    I'm a newbie follower.
    Both of your WIPs are looking great. I love Santa on the bike.
    Happy stitching!

  6. That Santa looks so cool on his motocycle :)
    Your haed is looking great!

  7. Santa looks great! Backstitching always makes such a difference!