Saturday, April 21, 2012

TUSAL #4 and other stuff

Hi All, First up here is the TUSAL for this month. And another awful photo.
And now for a better effort Faery Tales.
And I think I showed great restraint in heaven and earth designs latest sale (an incredible 50% off) and brought these two
Faces Of Faery 185
Faces of Faery 187
I seem to have gone a little dragon crazy and Charlotte has fallen in love with them. She keeps telling me the top one is her and that the little dragon comes only to her at night time. Actually that would explain a lot;-)
And this was all written on my laptop so Keith can have his computer back.


  1. Fairy Tales is looking incredible, can't believe how far along you are with them.
    And I love those two FoFs, they're two of the ones that are calling to me in the sale, and another FoF, and the tea makers daughter... basically this could well be expensive. Can't wait to see your starts on them.

  2. Faery Tales looks fantastic! I love the two FoF you bought, they are on my wishlist, and just might jump into my cart before the sale is over!


  3. Faery Tales looks great Sharine. I can't remember if I told you I got it in jigsaw puzzle form. lol Love the new HAED's you got.


  4. congratulations for your blog!

    i posted my tusal here:


    good weekend

  5. First of all, AWESOME progress on Faery Tales. Your TUSAL jar is so full! Second of all, great choices on the charts! I've been resisting, and living vicariously through anyone who has bought charts.

  6. Your TUSAL jar looks great! The Faces of Faery designs look like ninja fairies! You will have fun stitching them. What a great deal at 50% off.

  7. gorgeous stitching :D you were very restrained