Thursday, April 5, 2012

A prize and some Stash

Hi All, I just had to share what Ewa sent to me as my prize for winning her giveaway is.

The stitching is beautiful (hopefully Ewa has a better photo then what I do of it silly camera) and now I will have to think of something clever to make with it. The are far less chocolates now then when I opened it after Keith and the girls found them.So thankyou Ewa. It was great to come home to.
And now for stash update heaven and earth designs are having a 30% of sale. I have avoided the last couple of sales but made up for it with this one.
Frenchie Friends Michelle and JoJo
QS Black Rose Immortal
QS Clara
And The Black(which uses 40 black skeins!)
More then enough to keep me busy(cause 3 kids just don't cut it lol).
I will be back tomorrow with Faery Tales and TUSAL,Sharine


  1. Sharine, you lucky lady. Congratulations on winning Ewa's giveaway.

    Wow. Love what you chose from HAED's Easter sale. Frenchie is just too cute. (I will resist this sale, I will resist this sale, I...) ;)

  2. Isn't Ewa a sweetheart!? Love the package of goodies she sent you! I couldn't resist the HAED sale I've added a few to my stash as well!

  3. You bought great HAED charts! It's perfect how Frenchie Friends matches Princess Izzy. You must be looking forward to finishing them both and hanging them side by side!

  4. Wow Sharine. I wo envy you being able to do all those HAED's. Great choices. They are all gorgeous.


  5. I'm glad you liked it, Sharine! Enjoy the chocolates and I love your chart choices! I've been trying to be good but i t's so difficult!

  6. The gift you got from Ewa is beautiful =)
    And I love the new charts you got, they are amazing =)

  7. The gift you got from Ewa is wonderful =)
    I love the new charts you bought, they are all gorgeous =)

  8. Ewa sent you a lovely piece!!!! I love TW's designs!!!

    What a bunch of lovely HAEDs