Thursday, December 27, 2012

And so that was Christmas!

Hi All,
Rather then make one huge post tomorrow with everything I thought I would break it up.
The girls had a great day getting spoilt.

Our Lalaloopsy population exploded with 5 new ones added as well as a bunch of 'pocket size' ones.
And a huge thankyou to Abbie Jean who not only brought the dolls you see in the last two photos but she also made them all outfits to go with them. I am hoping our Christmas tree doesn't have to live behind bars next year. I done well with a new handbag (after just using a nappy bag for the last six years) some new clothes and $50 for new stash. Keith wasn't game enough to guess what I wanted in the end lol.

As for Keith amongst other things he got a nerf gun and spent most of the day taking aim at the Christmas tree as well as making plans with our 20 year old neighbour to have a nerf gun rooftop 'war' just proving that boys never grow up.

I will be back tomorrow with the last Wipocalypse report for the year.


  1. What a lovely family Christmas you have had - and enjoy spending that stash money!

  2. Don't you just love the chaos of Christmas morning. Looks like you guys had fun. Can't wait to see what stash you get! xox

  3. Oh don't they all look happy & gorgeous!! ;)

  4. Your girls look so happy! It's great to have so many new dolls! I'm glad you got a new purse at last! Have fun spending your stitching money!

  5. Lovely photos of your daughters :)
    I'm sure they are very happy with their new dolls!

  6. Everyone looks like they love their new dolls. Have fun getting new stash.