Friday, December 7, 2012

Faery Tales & A Question

Hi All,
First up the monster that is Faery Tales.
Almost done with this page which leaves 4. Only one of them are a full page. The finished size will be 31" by 24".
And now for the question. Has anyone stitched a Golden Kite pattern? I have my eye on one of these three.(At the moment. I haven't had time to go through the site yet)

In order they are An Afternoon Entertainment, Mother Playing With Her Baby and Pierrot's Embrace.
Are they any harder then a HAED? Much the same? Anything I should know?


  1. Faery Tales is GORGEOUS!! only 4 pages...WOO!!

    I haven't stitched a Golden Kite before...but I've oggled them! I'll be watching the comments here to see what other folks share of their experiences.

  2. Same as Lesli for me!!! The Pierrot's Embrace is so sweet!

  3. I can't give you any advice about these HAEDs, but just wanted to tell you that your Faery Tales is beautiful! Wow!

  4. Only 4 pages left on Faery Tales. I will be sad to see it come to an end. I know you won't. It is so pretty. I have never heard of Golden Kite. I really like the first 2, but they sure remind me of the HAED's.


  5. Every time I see your Faery Tales I am in awe! I have never stitched a HAED or a Golden Kite. Don't know if I would have the patience!

  6. Wonderful stitching =)

    I haven't done a Golden Kite, but a friend of mine is doing one and I asked a few questions.
    I guess the big difference is that some GK patterns use blended colors. My friend said that there was not as much confetti as she had feared due to the blended colors. She usually stitches Haeds and it was not so hard for her to adjust to GK. The symbols on the pages are still a bit bigger than the large format from Haed, so the actual page has "less" stitches, which results in GK having millions of pages (she's doing one with 195.........). She tells me to get a GK because they are so wonderful ;-)
    I'm sorry, I don't know so much, I hope it helped a bit...

  7. Faerie Tales looks fab - well done!
    Gosh, the GK's are stunning. I haven't seen them before but now I want one!! Be interested to see someone stitching one so that I can drool a bit more!! Hope you take the plunge for 2013! :)

  8. Hey Sharine!!

    I love the GK charts you are checking out. I say GO FOR IT!!! I swear this is not an enabling thing but I really believe you would love them. The symbols are so easy to read, the chart pages are pretty much equivalent to a HAED large chart format with approx 6 columns per page.

    I have 4 GK charts and working on 1 (Coign of Vantage - discontinued). I love them, the blending is actually really fun and less confetti due to the blends. But you can also buy the chart with just solid colours if you prefer.

    I can't rave about them enough and I'm looking forward to my next rotation when my GK comes in, which will be in Jan. Wait till they have a sale though, like HAED they have one quite often. Trust me stunner!!

    xox Alicia