Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 Plans & New Stash

Hi All,
Almost at the end of another year. Next year will be exciting with Charlotte starting kinder and Bella going into grade one which will leave me with Hannah to run around after. I always thought when the girls started kinder/school and growing up I would have some more time but no. It seems like I'm never out of the car sometimes. Still it's great watching them grow in to being there own little people.

My stitching plans for next year are to finish Faery Tales by no later then March. When it is finally done the plan is to start 2 more HAED designs and swap them out with Princess Izzy on a weekly basis. At the moment I am going to start Piper Tir N Org
And Little Miss Deelish and Sweet Treats Trixie
Little Miss will be for Charlotte so if there is another Hannah Lynn with a unicorn on it released during the year I will have a fourth start so I have one going for Hannah.
And incase you hadn't heard HAED are having another sale with 45% off. I contributed some of my Christmas money to it and got these three.
Too Hot
QS Kissy Fish- Hannah Lynn
Up On The Rooftop ornament
The last one I am planning on doing for DH for next Christmas(sorry didn't mean to scare you lol). Every year we buy each other an ornament for the big day but this year fingers crossed I can surprise him with this. I have brought some 25ct lugana to stitch it on so any tips or tricks for that would be much appreciated.

Thankyou to everyone who has read and commented on this blog this year. It is my retreat from the girls for a couple of minutes during the day and if I have had a short post you can bet it is because I can hear someone calling out 'Mummmm'.

 I hope everyone has an awesome New Year!



  1. Gorgeous designs. I adore the Hannah Lynn design with the unicorn :)
    Look forward to seeing them on your stitching list!
    Have a great new year & all the best for 2013 :)

  2. Looking forward to seeing your work on those, really lovely!

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family! I really enjoy your blog. Reading blogs is MY retreat from my family;)

  4. Looking forward to your 2013 progress. And some lovely charts you picked up there. I am hoping to get some more stitching and crafting time after March 2013 but have a list as long as my arm of current projects I have to work on so no new starts :(

  5. Great stash enhancement Sharine. It's good that the 2 new HAED starts are so different from each other. It will make it more fun to switch around. Good luck with finishing Faery Tales by March, I think you will achieve a finish before then.

    I wish you and all your beautiful family a very Happy New Year and that 2013 brings you the best things in life!
    Alicia xox

  6. Wow, plenty of HAED to come! Can't wait to see your progress :) Have a lovely New Year!!

  7. Great choices for next year and nice additions to your stash...I'm thinking tomorrow I may treat myself to some more with my birthday money! :D

  8. Wow Sharine. More great HAED charts. How do you find the time to stitch with 3 little girls running around. lol Good luck with all those HAED's.


  9. new soon to be WIP's are so pretty...oh my gosh. I love your patterns that you got. Actually I am doing Daisy Offerings by HAED on 18 Count Material. It is so much easier to see the holes and you are not straining your eyes out to see the holes. I have tried doing 1 over 1 on 25 Count Lugana and I was going blind trying to do it that way so I switch and went to 18 Count Material.

    Have fun with your cute adorable girls....

    Happy New Years Eve
    Happy Stitching

  10. Love your new stash charts! Love the colors in Piper...can't wait for you to start!!

  11. The Piper looks great! Too bad you'll have to stitch about half the chart before you finally get to stitch the piper! Your girls are so lucky to each have their own Hannah Lynn design stitched by you. How big is the Santa ornament going to be on 25 ct? I'm looking forward to watching your stitching progress all year!

  12. I thought I was being adventurous for planning end of school year stitching lol! I hope you can surprise your hubby xxx

  13. Great picks for 2013! Love Little Ms. Deelish she is so cute. Can't wait to see your HAED progress - I was also looking at that chart - for one day! LOL

    Hope you have a wonderful 2013 with lots of time for stitching ;)