Monday, July 15, 2013

Barbie dresses x 3

Hi All,

As usual when I knit Barbie dresses they come in threes. This is the first time I have knitted using lace and I think it makes for a pretty finish.
After I finished them I went on a bit of a lace buying spree so expect to see some more soon.
These are just my own made up pattern. I am going to write it out in the next couple of days and I will post here.

Santa has a cuff now and I changed the Krenik out for B5000. So it will end up a little less sparkly but nevermind.


  1. Sweet stitches and pretty Barbie dresses x

  2. good to see progress on your ornament!

  3. More adorable Barbie dresses. How many have you knit now? How long does it take you to knit one? I'm loving looking at the progress on Santa.


  4. Those are incredible Barbie dresses! Your daughters are so lucky. Have fun stitching on Santa now!