Friday, July 19, 2013

Princess Izzy & The Afghan

Hi All,

Here is Izzy after another week. This one is my fave at the moment to work on. I love the colours in it.
Excuse the shadow puppets going on. Hopefully I will be getting a new camera soon instead of using my phone lol.

I also enjoy working on Floral Beauty when I get the chance and here is where it's at.

 And I'm happy to say that after 7 years of having kids in nappies Hannah is now toilet trained and a big girl in her own right. It was a bit strange this week not to be buying nappies after so long but we did go undie shopping much to Hannah's delight. Me- I still wish for my little baby back. She has grown up way to fast.But I guess they all do that right?



  1. Lovely update on your stitchery Sharine!
    We all love our babies, and as they grow up, our lives become a bit easier (although other worries appear!) but think about that money you're going to save on not buying nappies anymore! :D Well done to Hannah for being a big girl x

  2. Fantastic progress on Izzy - aaah the never ending bottle and nappie routine is over for you, congratulations 7 years is a long time to be changing nappies on a daily basis! I still have another year or so to go :( wish my 4 year old boy would stop wetting his bed, that would be a nice hurdle to get over - much love, Amanda

  3. Princess Izzy is my fav of your wips too! You can't go wrong with her. She's vibrant, it's a Hannah Lynn, and there is a Princess involved. Perfect!!
    Great progress on your wips for the week.
    Alicia xo

  4. Both the projects are so lovely.
    Happy day x

  5. Great progress on your stitching, you are right the colours are wonderful!

    Well done to Hannah too!

  6. Yes they all grow up but they are always still your babies.

  7. Hooray for Hannah. Both projects look great.


  8. Hurray! Finally more blue colors instead of all green on Izzy! Floral Beauty looks so pretty too!