Monday, July 1, 2013

New Starts

Hi All,

I have started two new knitting projects that I keep forgetting to show. The first will be a long term project that I don't have to concentrate on at all. Just straight knitting until I get the length I want. It will be a baby blanket when it is finished, although Bella has claimed for her(And no it's not for me!).

My other cast on is this top/dress. This is meant to be for a charity but Charlotte want this for Kinder. (Spotting a theme yet?)

And Up On The Rooftop looks like this after the weekend.This is for my hubby who claims I never make anything for him. I guess three daughters don't count?lol.
It's school holidays here at the moment and tomorrow we are off to the movies to see Monsters University. The girls were very well behaved last time so fingers crossed they are good this time as well. Apart from that playdates have been booked and I think the rest tof the time will be spent hanging out around the house.


  1. Gorgeous knitting starts and great progress on your cross stitch. I do notice a trend in who claims your projects.

  2. Beautiful starts xx Love the knitting. Remind your hubby of all the beds you have made and the meals you have cooked rofl

  3. Maybe you should start charging your little "customers"! ;O) It's so wonderful that they want the things you're making!

  4. Ugh school holidays. I tend to stay indoors around this time so will get a lot of stitching done at least LOL!!

    I love your comment about how hubby complains you never make him anything (daughters not included) - good one stunner!!

    Knitting projects look great, love all the colours you're using. And yes I did spot the theme, I still do that to my mum.

    Enjoy the movies xox Alicia

  5. You made 3 daughters for hubby... LOL. That was funny. You are so talented! Knitting too!

  6. Your knitting is just beautiful. No wonder your daughter wants them for herself ;) The cross stitch is so pretty. I look forward to seeing more updates.