Monday, July 29, 2013

New stash

Hi All,

On the weekend I went to the Melbourne craft and quilt fair and picked up some new stash. No new charts although it was very tempting.
Two pieces of handy dyed 28ct evenweave in sunset and frangipani for who knows what and some more knitting lace for Barbie dresses.

 The fabric came from Sewitall .

In stitching news Santa is being a tease and still not showing his face. Although his beard has started to make an appearance.



  1. sweet stash and very pretty stitching.
    love&smiles x

  2. Maybe he won't show his face until you are a good girl and are asleep in your bed;). Seriously, though, it's beautiful and you are doing a lovely job!

  3. Great new stash and progress x

  4. New stash is the best, isn't it? That fabric is beautiful... I think I see sparkles in that last one!

  5. My computer and Blogger are getting along better today, so I can finally tell you Congratulations on your Fairy Tales finish and it looks absolutely awesome! The ornament and others are stitching up great, too. Can't wait to see more!

  6. Lovely stash enhancement! Santa s looking fantastic!